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16 Tubac Road
Tubac, AZ, 85646
United States




James Culver - Design Elements.....

James Culver in a: “A Working Leather Studio”

James Culver in a:
“A Working Leather Studio”

I was good with my hands young, leading my parents to always provide studio space for me. I spent time experimenting with woodworking and metalsmithing. A fortuitous event in 1968 led to leather. I heard an ad looking for an “experienced” leathersmith on a local “hippie” radio station. I got the job and never looked hack.

I have learned my craft through experience without formal training. The other great teacher has been the people I have worked with. l am heavily influenced by the Southwest, as that is where I have lived most of my life. The colors and vistas are always in my mind’s eye when I design. The other strong influence is the old European Leather Houses with their classic and clean work. I always try to figure out away to combine color and texture in an uncluttered, functional presentation that reveals something surprising to the user.

Is it art? Yes. Is it craft? Yes. Both disciplines are crucial to a good product. Please enjoy my work and thank you for your support...     James