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Casual Belts

Casual Belts

All the belts are priced with just a simple mechanical brass or nickel buckle .  All the belts can also be done with any of the buckles pictured on the Simple Buckle or Buckle Sets pages or with your buckle (you will need to send us the buckle so we can size the belt properly).  Please contact us if you are unsure how to proceed.

1 1/4" width fits almost all kinds of pants, jeans and khakis.  1 1/2" wide is a good width for jeans.

These belts cannot be done in a 1" width because the designs are too wide to fit.

How to measure belt size:

Belt size is usually 2 1/2" larger than waist / pants size i.e. size 36" waist = size 38 1/2" belt